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Collaborative Health Talks

Carefree woman in fieldJust like as poor nutrition and poor posture cause increased tension in body, poor mental and emotional health also affects our health and well being to the same degree (if not more).

A lifetime of strong or recurring emotions, such as anger, rage, sadness, hurt, shame and guilt can affect our level of pain in the body and certainly affect the tension in the central nervous system. People are often surprised at how deeply these emotions can affect how they physically feel.

How Chiropractic Helps

Chiropractic TRT adjustments will certainly help ease the tension on the nervous system stemming from strong emotions. Just as learning how to eat properly to manage the levels of inflammation in the body and learning how to stretch, strengthen muscles to improve posture is necessary to alleviate tension on the nervous system, we must take steps to learn how to manage the mental emotional environment.

Because we are so individual, each of us responds uniquely to various techniques available to manage the stress from the mental emotional environment. For example, meditation, nature walks, or counseling may work some but not for others. Sometimes it takes a long while to find something that works for you to reduce the mental emotional stress in the body.

Want more information?

Dr. Vera Baziuk will be hosting Collaborative Health Talks with other Health Care Providers who offer services to reduce mental emotional stressors. During each Collaborative Health Talk Dr. Vera will discuss:

  • How the stress from the mental emotional environment impacts the nervous system
  • How Chiropractic TRT adjustments help reduce the tension created from the emotional stress
  • Feature a new Health Care Provider each talk to share their insights on how to further reduce the stress from the mental emotional environment.

Mental emotional stress can very strongly impact your health. Join me in these Collaborative Health Talks to learn how you can take steps to reduce the negative impact from too much emotional stress.

Collaborative Health Talks in Edmonton | (780) 705-3111