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Complimentary Nervous System Scans

Dr. Vera scanning patientModern medicine is very good at defining, describing and testing for chronic disease but defining, describing and testing for wellness has never been a priority.  Instead of defining each separately, we can look at chronic disease and wellness as a continuum. The stage in between wellness and chronic disease is subchronic disease. Here, you know you aren’t well but you are not quite sick enough to be considered truly ill either.

It is where most middle-aged adults drift.  Is there a way to really know where you are on the continuum of wellness and chronic disease? YES!!

COREscore™ Scan

At Advanced Wellness Chiropractic, I use advanced technology called The COREscore™ to measure how deeply stress and tension are impacting your overall health. The computerized program takes the results from the three tests and computes your individual COREscore™.

Scores of 80 and above are indicative of a well, neural integrated nervous system and reflects wellness.  Scores of 59 and lower are indicative of a poor, neural integrated nervous system and reflects a more challenged state of health.  Scores from 60 to 79 are considered transition states and indicative of the subchronic disease. This is where most middle aged adults score when they first come to my office for an initial visit.

Where do you think you fall?  You might be surprised . . . .

The real goal of wellness chiropractic care is not to subdue signs and symptoms of chronic disease with medication or flash in pan chiropractic visits. This approach drives you back into a subchronic disease state never moving you back to wellness.  Instead of micromanaging and reacting to the chronic disease we should macromanage wellness. Design a wellness plan and let the body take care of itself by removing the stress.

The best way to keep the body moving toward wellness and away from chronic disease is to accomplish three primary goals:

  • Keep the Central Nervous System free of tension and stress with regular chiropractic adjustments.
  • Decrease the level of silent (cellular) inflammation with the Zone Anti-inflammatory diet and pharmaceutical grade fish oils.
  • Actively engage in smart exercise which consists of regular cardiovascular activities as well strengthening and stretching key postural muscles.
  • Continually work on reducing and managing all present and past mental/emotional stresses.

Ready to See your score?

Chronic stress and tension can damage anyone’s health.  Where you fall the COREscore™ graph will represent where you fall on the continuum between wellness and chronic disease. The goal is wellness!  Get your nervous system functioning consistently better, move your score closer to 100 and live a life you deserve.

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