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Education Opportunities

At Advanced Wellness Chiropractic, Dr. Vera offers various regular workshops throughout the year.

Since it is the stresses in your environment that create the state of health you are in, it behooves you to examine your environment to reduces the stress and future stresses. Questions you should ask yourself are:

Back Class

Physical Environment Stress: Can I move better and can I be stronger in my body?

The answer is always yes. Dr. Vera Baziuk at Advanced Wellness Chiropractic teaches a Back and Posture Exercise Class where you will learn how to strengthen and stretch key postural muscles to stay strong and improve your posture to prevent future physical stresses from significantly impacting your quality of life. Learn more and register on our Back and Posture Exercise Class page.

Chemical Environmental Stress

Chemical Environment Stress: Can you eat better?

Again, the answer is always yes. Dr. Vera Baziuk is a Zone Certified Health Coach and follows the Zone anti-inflammatory diet. She teaches you the principles of the Zone diet and how to construct anti-inflammatory breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks to decrease the levels of inflammation in the body using food. The side effect of following the Zone diet is fat loss. Learn more and register on our Zone Anti-Inflammatory Diet page.

Collaborative Health Talks

Mental/Emotional Stress: Can you reduce the stress in the mental emotional environment?

Again, the answer is definitely, yes. Because we all respond so differently and uniquely to various mental emotional therapies or modalities, Dr. Vera hosts Collaborative Health Talks. In these talks, Dr. Vera features a different health care provider to share insight on how to decrease the stress from the mental emotional environment. Learn more and register on our Collaborative Health Talk page.

Learn More about Complimentary Nervous System Scan

If I am not sick or in any chronic pain, then I must be well? Right?! Or am I?

The answer is not necessarily! Even if you do not have any outward signs and symptoms of disease you may be heading down a path that will cause chronic disease of aging. To find out more how you can take the first step towards wellness, explore the Complimentary Nervous System Scan.

Learn more about Ultimate Health System

Are you ready to Get Rid of Brain Fog, Fatigue & Chronic Pain?

If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, pain, brain fog and carrying an extra few pound it is likely you have increased inflammation. Cellular inflammation is at the source of many of today’s serious diseases. The more inflamed you are the more signs and symptoms you likely have. To find out more check out our Ultimate Healthy System page.

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