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What is a Chiropractic Lifestyle?

Adopt a Chiropractic Lifestyle today!

Adopt a Chiropractic Lifestyle today!

Why should I be aware of a Chiropractic Lifestyle? What can it do to help me and my family experience better health?

How can a Chiropractic Lifestyle, the Zone Anti-inflammatory Diet and supplements help me and my family enjoy better health?

I thought that Chiropractors just were “bone crunchers”. How can a “bone cruncher” know anything about my whole health picture?

Not to be negative, but that is the connotation out in the public eye until lately.

Why the sudden change into total health and wellbeing perspective with Chiropractic doctors?

Chiropractic doctors have realized that as they were treating their patients, they would help them with physical alignment, and then these patients would be ok for a bit, but very short periods of time. There was something missing in their total health picture.

I have noticed that the Canadian Statistics are right in line with what I was experiencing with my patients. 36% of my patients are considered obese.

Obesity leads to many health challenges, and if I am not helping my patients with their total health, just an adjustment, so to speak, every week will not help them get to the root of their health challenges.

When a person is overweight, each extra pound on the body creates an extra 10 pounds of pressure on the knees, for instance. So If someone is 10 pounds overweight, which is considered in the obesity range, they are also experiencing 100 pounds of extra pressure on their knees.

The continuous stress on the body from carrying just 10 extra pounds causes physical dysfunction in other areas as well. For example, the more extra weight that is being carried on the body makes the body more prone to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Through my experience, I have discovered that incorporating the Zone Anti-inflammatory Diet coupled with regular Chiropractic treatments and supplementation creates a more positive environment physically and chemically. These factors assist my patients to shed the unnecessary weight they are carrying. It offers them an expanded range of lifestyle options that they would not be able to experience if they continued the path of health they had become accustomed to.

A Chiropractic Lifestyle is when the feelings of health, wellbeing and full potential are experienced with regular Chiropractic TRT adjustments coupled with following:

  •         Zone Anti-inflammatory Diet,
  •         Anti-inflammatory supplements in the right dose for your level of inflammation
  •         Participating in weekly back and posture rehabilitation classes.

I look forward to helping you with not only answering your questions about optimal health, but also assisting you to find your balance through the Chiropractic Lifestyle.


Dr. Vera Baziuk


Your Chiropractic Lifestyle Doctor










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