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Are You Feeling Stuck, Sick and Stressed?

Do you constantly find yourself saying,

Do you constantly find yourself saying, “I don’t have enough time”?

Being stuck in a chronic stress response puts tension, torsion and pressure stress on the brain and spinal cord.  This central nervous system is responsible for our day to day functioning.  It makes sense that if there is too much tension, torsion and pressure on our main computer it is just a question of time that we begin to feel stuck, sick and stressed (not forgetting fatigue and pain too!)

I am a chiropractor specializing in releasing the tension off the central nervous system with my gentle technique style called Torque Release Technique.


Are you feeling STUCK, SICK and STRESSED?


o   Are you in a chronic stress response . . .experiencing recurring or chronic pain?

o   Are people telling you to straighten your back up?

o   Are you constantly tired and can’t understand why?


  • There are different ways to release your chronic stress response.  Ask yourself the following:


o   Are you moving enough?  Or are moving correctly?

o   Are you strengthening and stretching properly to improve your posture?

o   Are you eating the right foods?  Or are the foods you eat making you sicker?

o   Are you addressing the mental and emotional stresses in your life?


I have been a chiropractor for the last 15 years but it wasn’t until I started practicing Torque Release Technique that I have truly felt better and fulfilled in my practice.  My aha moment came when I started getting treated exclusively with TRT.  This gentle technique releases the primary points of tension to render the greatest amount of tissue ease.  It is amazing what can happen!  By de-stressing your environment the results just simply last longer.  I love sharing my experience and knowledge with those who want to change.


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Dr. Vera Baziuk


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