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Collaborative Health Talks

Collaborative Health Talks

Collaborative Health Talks

Tired of running around looking for all the different health and wellness solutions?

Advanced Wellness Chiropractic has the solution!

At Advanced Wellness Chiropractic  Dr. Vera offers you chiropractic care to decrease the level of tension and stress off your central nervous system.  To manage to effect of future stresses on your body you can learn how to decrease the stress from the physical environment with her Back Care and Posture Class.  You can learn how to decrease the stress from the chemical environment with The Zone Anti-inflammatory Diet Workshop.

New to the clinic is a way to decrease the stress from the mental emotional environment! The first Tuesday of every month Dr. Vera Baziuk will be hosting a Collaborative Health Talks  with a different Health Care Practitioner each month to highlight different health services, products and modalities that specifically help the mental emotional vector of life.


July 4, 2017 Collaborative Health Talk will feature Vivian Fraser, Craniosacral Therapist.  In this Collaborative Health Talks  Dr. Vera will talk about Chiropractic Torque Release Technique and Vivian will talk about Cranialsacral Therapy “What is Craniosacral Therapy?”


October 3, 2017 Collaborative Health Talks will feature Lil Lezzare, Tender Loving Cups.  In this Collaborative Health Talk she will demonstrate the importance of how a properly fitted undergarment increase self-esteem and better posture.


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Back Care and Posture Class

The Zone Anti-inflammatory Diet Workshop

Collaborative Health Talks 


Dr. Vera Baziuk


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