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Ouch! My back hurts! Help!

Ouch! My back hurts! Help!

A mother of two young children with chronic low back pain is involved in a motor vehicle accident that makes her low back pain worse!  For months she has been in and out of doctor’s offices, physiotherapists, and massage therapist with no real long lasting relief.  Her x-rays and MRI report show that she is suffering with a bulged disc.  Her pain is in her back, hip and down her leg making every day day-to-day activities (even sleeping!) difficult and nearly unbearable.  She finally decides that it is time to try something different  . . .

Like most people, she came to me wanting a magic wand to tap her spine to make her pain go away.  Unfortunately, it rarely works that way.  In her first couple weeks of chiropractic adjustments, specifically Torque Release Technique adjustments, she wasn’t sure if she was feeling much better as the changes to her perception were marginal.  Then, as if overnight, her pain in her leg began to regress and disappeared completely.  The pain in her spine was not noticeable during the day and was only felt with pressure. And that too went away!  After just a couple of months she is now living without low back pain or leg pain.  She went from desperation and skepticism to thankfulness and believing.

What happened? Can it happen to you too?

Torque Release Technique or TRT is a very gentle style of chiropractic adjustments.  Gentle but extremely powerful and effective.  TRT adjustments focus on releasing primary points of tension on the Central Nervous System rather than focusing on secondary or tertiary points.

When you are exposed to strong physical, chemical and mental emotional stresses over a lifetime, the body undergoes natural stress responses.  Healthy individual will go in and out of stress responses as they sense, respond, learn and adapt to their environment.  With strong and prolonged stimuli the stress response can get stuck.  A stuck stress response increases the tension on the central nervous system.  To alleviate that tension, the body creates postural faults, such as a high hip or shoulder, rotated pelvis and forward head carriage as a way to dissipate the tension.  These postural faults lead to fatigue and increased wear and tear on the spine joints and discs.  They are the secondary and tertiary points of tension on the spine and lead to early and sometime permanent degenerative changes.  All those postural faults and degenerative changes can cause discs to bulge (even herniate) and really, really hurt.

Reacting and treating the spinal degenerative changes in the joints and discs will likely provide relief, especially in the beginning of a treatment protocols.  Often times a plateau is reached.  Where once great relief was felt with treatment, only partial and temporary relief is felt after each treatment.  Have you ever wondered why?  It is likely that the treatments were targeting only the secondary and tertiary points of tension and not the primary points.  This explains why relief is felt in the beginning but now no longer provides the same amount of relief.

Torque Release Technique specializes in identifying the primary points of tension thereby rendering a greater, longer and lasting relief from pain all without manual or much force to spine at all.  It really is quite amazing and impressive how subtle an adjustment can be and yet provide such astonishing relief!

If you are suffering with chronic pain and you’ve tried everybody this side of the Mississippi, maybe try Torque Release Technique before you give up all hope that the pain will never ever go away.


Dr. Vera Baziuk


Chiropractor, specializing in Torque Release Technique










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