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Downstream versus Upstream

A dead fish can float downstream but it takes a live fish to swim upstream.  W.C. Fields

A dead fish can float downstream but it takes a live fish to swim upstream. W.C. Fields

When it comes to your health, what does downstream versus upstream really mean?

Drug companies focus their attention downstream: They have spent billions of dollars trying to develop small, fast acting hormones called eicosanoids as patentable drugs. But eicosanoids as drugs are too difficult to work. They have a very short “life span” in the blood stream (which is why they are difficult to study) and they are too powerful to use as a drug: They were never meant to circulate in the blood stream for long.

All good, healing hormones and all bad inflammatory hormones are made from the various eicosanoids within the cell membrane. If there are too many bad hormone building blocks in the form of arachidonic acid (AA) in cell membranes then we will make more inflammatory hormones that harm the body.

Is there a way to manipulate the various building blocks within the cell membrane to make more good healing hormones and less bad inflammatory hormones?

The answer to this question is the difference between natural health and pharmaceutical health.

Big drug companies focus on trying to inhibit enzymes that make pro-inflammatory eicosanoids derived from AA. This is a downstream approach in the form of cortisol and its derivatives. They do work to control inflammation but taken long term they also affect your ability to make good healing hormones which is not good.

There is an easier, drug free way to reduce inflammation and pain! Who knew that by changing your diet to an anti-inflammatory diet you take an upstream approach to health. Your diet controls the make-up of the building blocks within the cell membrane. Diet controls whether you will be making more good healing hormones or more bad inflammatory hormones.

When using the Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle program, specifically controlling diet and taking high dose fish oil, you can very quickly change the balance of the precursors of eicosanoids in every one of your 60 trillion cells so that you can produce more “good” hormones and fewer “bad” hormones.

You literally are what you eat when it comes to health.

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