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Meet Dr. Vera Baziuk

Doctors Couldn’t Help My Headaches

Edmonton Chiropractor Dr. Vera Baziuk

Dr. Vera Baziuk and family

I started having headaches when I was in university. Popping anti-inflammatories was the only solution I could find to get rid of the frequent nuisance they’d become. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ear, became a regular occurrence as a side effect from taking so many! I went to a medicentre to see a doctor. He told me to stop taking anti-inflammatories to stop the tinnitus but didn’t help me with my headaches.

Chiropractic Shows Results

My mom had just started seeing a chiropractor and made me an appointment. The chiropractor helped my headaches disappear, and I stopped taking anti-inflammatories altogether. I then started working for the chiropractor on the weekends.

She asked me what I planned to do after university, and I told her I wasn’t sure. It made me realize I wanted to become a chiropractor.

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Learning to Help Others

Dr. Vera first attended the University of Alberta to earn her Bachelor of Science. She then continued on to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC). While there, she was inspired to learn more about the Philosophy of Chiropractic. She continues her learning today by regularly attending seminars and courses in both Canada and USA.

Offering a Healthy Lifestyle

When you become a patient at our office, Dr. Vera offers you the additional benefit of her nutritional experience. She is a certified Zone Health Coach and follows The Zone Diet created and recommended by Dr. Barry Sears. Dr. Vera is also in teacher training to become certified Iyengar yoga teacher. With expertise on a variety of subjects, Dr. Vera welcomes the opportunity for speaking engagements in our community area.

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I love having the ability to help people traverse through their physical, mental and emotional challenges. Chiropractic is an amazing tool that can improve your life.

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A Sudden Realization

Dr. Vera is dedicated to the use of the Torque Release Technique, or TRT. โ€˜’I had a true a-ha moment after attending a seminar. I knew with every fiber of my being that the philosophy, art and science of TRT was what was missing in my life and practice.”

This technique addresses the primary points of tension in your nervous system in a gentle manner that gives strong, permanent healing.

โ€˜’I enjoy watching my patients evolve toward better health with each adjustment. It’s so cool seeing the body respond to this technique!”

Outside of the Practice

Dr. Vera likes to travel, do yoga and read when she’s not in the practice. She explores how the brain works, meditation and learning how to tap into a way to design her own life. She is the current president of the Fun Speakers local Edmonton Toastmasters club. Toastmasters is a club designed for any to join who wishes to improve their public speaking and leadership skills. Dr. Vera’s qualification level is Competent Communicator, and she is working towards her advanced designations.

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