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Have you ever asked yourself why doesn't the pain ever really ever go away?

Why won't the pain just go away?

Why won’t the pain just go away?

The body’s ability to heal itself is limited by:

  • Time:  how long have you had the problem?
  •  Structure:  Is the affected area is just malfunction or is the affected area showing signs of permanent damage?
  •  Continued Stress:  Are you still under continuous physical, chemical and/or mental emotional stress?

If one or a combination of the above points are present, healing process may reach a point where your body cannot repair as efficiently.  At this point, we say that your body has reached the “limits of matter“.

When signs that the limits of matter have been reached, or your healing is impaired, a stronger emphasis needs to be placed on reducing the stress from the environment.

  • Extra attention needs to be given to proper exercise and movement to rehabilitate posture.  Attending the regular Back Care and Posture Class to learn how to stretch and strengthen key postural muscles reduces the stress from the physical environment.
  • Extra attention needs to be given to anti-inflammatory nutrition.  Attending the monthly Zone Anti-inflammatory Diet Workshop reduces the stress from the chemical environment.
  • Extra attention needs to be given to mental/emotional stress reduction techniques, such as meditation, to reduce the stress from the mental/emotional environment.
  • Extra attention needs to be given to following a regular chiropractic adjustments to restore better Central Nervous System communication with the body.

It is in your best interest to have your spine checked, and checked regularly, to avoid the limits of matter.  A chiropractor is trained to detect spinal tension and misalignments.  When tension and misalignments are corrected before painful signs and symptoms appear, you will likely not experience the pain from the limits of matter. To avoid reaching the limits of matter, I recommend that:

  • Infants, toddlers and children be checked.  Preferably, as soon as possible after birth and after accidents. Because children have no major spinal deterioration, they can reach and maintain a true state of wellness.
  • Adults be checked within one to three days of an accident – any accident!

o   A physical fall, bump or bruise (like a car accident or sprained ankle)

o   A chemical assault like a bad “cheat” meal, smoke filled air or too much alcohol

o   A major mental/emotional upheaval like news of a death, loss of job, or anything that has emotional significance to you.


Dr. Vera Baziuk


Chiropractor, specializing in Torque Release Technique










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