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How Do Subluxations Make You Feel?

Subluxations, when left, can make you feel sore, sick and tired.

Subluxations, when left, can make you feel sore, sick and tired.

One of the earliest signs that your body is storing too much stress is increased tension.

Chiropractors see this tension building and focusing itself in the spinal column causing more and more Spinal Subluxations. Spinal Subluxations are specific sites of spinal malfunction that irritate the body’s central computer, the Central Nervous System.

So, what do you typically feel when there is a build-up of tension and development of subluxations?

  • Subluxations make your motor nervous system tight and stiff, leaving you more likely to repeatedly put your back out, strain muscles and sprain ligaments.
  • Subluxations make your autonomic nervous system malfunction leaving you more susceptible to immune, circulatory, hormonal and digestive challenges.
  • Subluxations fatigue your central nervous system leaving you feeling sick and tired.
  • Subluxations make you imbalanced, contributing to poor posture, coordination and alignment.
  • Subluxations make you emotionally drained. The physical tension leads to increased emotional tension which leads to more physical tension.

Failure to address this build-up of stress in your system can lead to chronic discomfort. Doesn’t it make sense to see your Chiropractor early, and ease those symptoms from the build-up of subluxations in your spinal column and Central Nervous System?

Once the tension builds to the point of discomfort in your body, doesn’t it make sense to bring your body back into alignment with your Central Nervous System sooner than later.

We all have subluxations. At some point we will experience discomfort. Doesn’t it make sense to see a Chiropractor earlier in your health continuum…before subluxations cause something more serious.

Remember, you got yourself to the position you are in today directly by the decisions you have made until now. See your Chiropractor and start a Chiropractic lifestyle. Your back (and overall health profile) will thank you.

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