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How Does Tissue Ease and System Ease Relate to Torque Release Technique?

Adjusting into tissue ease creates system ease. System ease creates health.

Adjusting into tissue ease creates system ease. System ease creates health.

Primary subluxations are not painful like secondary and tertiary subluxations. This allows the Chiropractor to adjust the primary subluxation into ’tissue ease’.

Adjusting into tissue ease creates system ease.

What does that sentence mean for you, your back and your health?

Allow me to explain!

Functional MRI studies show which areas of the brain light up when primary versus secondary and tertiary subluxations are adjusted.

When painful secondary and tertiary subluxations are adjusted, the thalamus lights up indicating that the spinal cord pain route was activated.

When primary subluxations are adjusted, the prefrontal cortex lights up. The prefrontal cortex is the highest developed area of the brain, the area of awareness, thinking and reason. When the prefrontal cortex is lit during an adjustment, this indicates a massive increase in awareness. These adjustments engage the brain that is responsible for dealing with stress in the cord. They ignite the brain to create new strategies for healing. This is how and why adjusting primary subluxation amplify the ease in the body.

Torque Release Technique, which is a technique that adjusts primary subluxations, helps support patients through life’s challenges. While under chiropractic TRT care, your organ physiology will not be as susceptible to the stress response. (Just so you know, our emotional car accidents of life have the same effect on the spine as real car accidents or other physical traumas. Emotional stress elicits the same stress response. Our bodies react to all stress the same.)

By adjusting primary subluxations, you’re allowing the full experience of the stress. A full experience of stress allows for a full meaning. Fulfillment creates wellbeing.

To achieve maximum human potential and a state of wellbeing we must get you to a point where you will always be able to adapt well to your environment. You must begin to think, feel and be a person that you really want to be! As the subluxation patterns release one primary subluxation layer at a time, the changes in health profile become predictable. Health is an expression of adaptability.

The better you can adapt to the environment the healthier you will be. For some people, environmental conditions cannot be changed but at least you can become more adaptable to your environment.

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