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How Long Does It Take to be Healthy?

How long it takes to get healthy depends on how much tension is stored in your Nervous System.

How long it takes to get healthy depends on how much tension is stored in your Nervous System.

We can ask a similar question like, how many workouts does it take to lose the weight and get fit?

The answer will always be more than one, probably more than six, and probably more than you would have liked! The total number required will depend on just how much weight you want to lose and how fit you want to be.

When talking about actually making permanent positive changes to your health, a regular schedule needs to be developed and adhered to maximize cumulative benefits.

Fitness experts agree that two to three workouts per week is essential to achieve good levels of aerobic performance. The same principle applies to the type of schedule we recommend for you to get the best possible results from Chiropractic care.

It is true that some people receive enough relief from just one adjustment and this can keep them going for a while. Science and research show us that any modern treatment modalities, including a chiropractic adjustment schedule, provide the best results when received on a regular, ongoing basis.

What is a regular Chiropractic adjustment schedule?

When you start with Chiropractic care, the Chiropractor does their initial assessment and collects as much data as possible to determine a schedule that will render you the best health profile changes in the shortest possible time frame.

If there is a lot of tension in the spine and spinal column, it does take longer to release that tension.

At regular scheduled intervals, there are progress reports performed to monitor all your improvements you made and to determine the best treatment schedule at these junctions.

As you continue to enjoy improvements from care, the regularity of treatment can spread.

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