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Chiropractor Edmonton Welcomes You!

What might you be capable of achieving if you had your best possible level of health? Dr. Vera Baziuk helps you reach your goals with chiropractic care, lifestyle modifications and an education about your health. Start your healing journey by contacting our office today! BOOK AN APPOINTMENT


Discover Your Potential

at Advanced Wellness Chiropractic

At Advanced Wellness Chiropractic, we seek to empower our patients to make wise, healthy and balanced life choices. Edmonton Chiropractor Dr. Vera Baziuk supports your innate healing abilities by releasing the stress and tension that affect your nervous system, which controls every function in the body. Along with providing chiropractic care, we teach you the lifestyle modifications you need to stay well in the long term.

Get the Support You Need

Dr. Vera is caring, approachable and takes all the time necessary to listen carefully to you and understand the nature of your concerns. You’ll receive simple explanations and solutions to your problems, with a choice of care options presented to you. The Torque Release Technique™ used at our practice is a gentle, instrument-based method that’s appropriate for all ages and health conditions. This unique approach will continue working after your visit, ensuring that you feel the difference it’s making in your well-being.