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Locus of Focus

The real way to heal and help any chronic diseases of aging is learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The real way to heal and help any chronic diseases of aging is learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

As we are understanding more and more about the autoimmune system, it is changes traditional thinking of medicine.

Autoimmune diseases are clear cut examples of out of control inflammation: the body is attacking itself without any known sign of microbial invader to trip the attack. All powerful prescription drugs aim at inhibiting the pro-inflammatory hormones that cause the pain. The down side of these drugs is that they do nothing to promote the healing and repair of the damaged tissue.

The current allopathic model can fall short as an effective model for treating and curing chronic diseases of aging. A primary reason it can be ineffective in healing chronic disease is the locus of focus. The allopathic model focuses on controlling the disease states with drugs. Although in some cases necessary, drugs may not and should not be the first go-to for all. The majority of the pharmaceutical medication is directed at affecting the enzymes that control the formation of “good or bad” eicosanoids. Because the medication affects both eicosanoids rendering the patient no further ahead.

The real problem is the allopathic’s model dismissal of how food affects our hormonal system. Food is the greatest pharmaceutical agent known to man. The root of all disease states is that it is chronic silent inflammation. Silent inflammation is perpetuated solely by diet. Many diseases are a result of poor lifestyle choices and not a result of genetic pre-programming to express chronic disease. The real focus on health and healing should be lifestyle.

Because the chronic disease of aging continues to rise, the volume of people in medical offices creates time constraints. Very little time and emphasis is placed in educating patients on healthy lifestyle choices, proper body weight and physical fitness. The current model is a reactive model and not a proactive model and is failing to meet the health care needs of our society.

If you would like to learn more about healthy lifestyle choice, please contact me – I’d love to help!

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