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Modern Medicine and the Corporate Model

Investment in a corporate wellness model increasing employee productivity and loyalty and company profitability.

Investment in a corporate wellness model increasing employee productivity and loyalty and company profitability.

Many chronic diseases and conditions can be managed, controlled or even reversed by following an Chiropractic Lifestyle Program potentially without the usage of prescription medications.

The lack of wellness continues to erode because the hormonal consequences of food have been so grossly misunderstood.

Diet has changed so rapidly that the hormonal consequences of our food choices have overwhelmed the cellular genes. Poor dietary lifestyle choices have created a silent inflammation epidemic that threatens to destroy not only the health care system but the profitability of corporations.

Despite all the advances in modern medicine, it simply has been unsuccessful in reversing the epidemic of silent inflammation.

Recognizing that the diminishing health of our society is affecting the working class, many corporations are beginning to recognize that insuring their employees is in their best interest because the rising costs of unhealthy employees and extended health benefit packages take a toll on corporate earnings.

Previously, most corporations saw little economic incentive to promote wellness for fear of employee defection. With wellness programs in place, if employees leave after a few years, the next employer gets all the potential health benefits without paying for them and the original corporation has nothing to show for it but expenditures.

However, if employers could be convinced that a true wellness program brings immediate increase in employee productivity then they would see an improvement in their bottom line and would have financial incentive to enact the changes. Not only would there be an immediate and dramatic return on investment but there are long term benefits as the future corporate organizational profile would surely improve.

The corporation could state that it is the “company of choice” ensuring greater employee loyalty and larger pool of applicants desiring employment with the particular company.

Another future benefit can be made by drawing a parallel between the environmental and wellness movements. Investors, shareholders and stakeholders continuously choose to invest in greener companies to support social and cultural trends and norms. The same is now being seen with companies that invest in employee wellness and prevention programs.

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