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"My pain is on the left side, why are you on my right side?"

Pain is a good place to start looking for where the problem is but the problem may not be where your pain is!

Pain is a good place to start looking for where the problem is but the problem may not be where your pain is!

Pain is not always a reliable sign of what is wrong, how much something is wrong, or where something is wrong.

Pain is a reliable sign that there is something significantly wrong in your body. Someone having a heart attack can have a mild pain in their arm. Someone with liver problems can get an ache in their shoulder blade. Someone with a kidney infection can produce a dull low back ache.

Many cancers can be totally symptom free until they reach a threshold and become life threatening.

Similarly, a headache can come from the upper part of the neck or even the ribs. Pains in the shoulders, arms or hands can come from the lower neck or upper back. Chest and abdominal pain can come from the mid spine.  Buttock, hip and leg pain can originate from the low back.

These are all examples of referred pain.

When looking at the nervous system, tension in one part of the spine can transfer tension to another part of the spine. In other words, you may be feeling soreness in your low back, but the actual source of the tension could be in your neck!

The good news is that TRT (Torque Release Technique) is a system that aims to detect and direct the Chiropractor to the source of spinal tension, and the adjustments are focused to reduce the root of your problems. This could mean that we don’t always adjust you or treat you where you are feeling your pain.

It does not mean we don’t care about your pain or are not interested in relieving your pain, it just means we are looking at your body from a more holistic and tonal perspective. Patients are often fascinated by how a seemingly unrelated area is adjusted and aches and pains mysteriously disappear.

Assess your progress by more than just how much pain you have.

Note how well are you moving, carrying out daily activities, sleeping, relating to others, and emotionally feeling.

Look at the bigger picture of health beyond your pain.

To find out more, come for an assessment for your own pain and see.


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