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Edmonton Chiropractor torque release technique

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Torque Release Technique (TRT)

TRT technique is recommended for everyone, from infants to seniors and everyone in between. Whether you’re experiencing disease or are healthy, this method will help you reach even greater levels of health.

The technique focuses on releasing the Primary Subluxation, to render the greatest amount of healing and relief.

All adjustments are performed with a chiropractic tool called the Integrator. It is the gentlest but most effective way to address the Primary Subluxations in the body.


COREscore™ and My Health

Edmonton Chiropractor Corescore

Let us help guide you to better health using COREscore™!

Every movement, emotion and organ function is under the guidance of the nervous system. If your Central Nervous System was under chronic stress and tension, you could be putting your health at risk. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could accurately report the efficiency of the central nervous system? Now we can with COREscore™!The COREscore™ advanced technology is made up of three important spinal-neural tests which tells the Chiropractor how deeply stress and tension are impacting your overall health. Those three tests are:

  • Pulse Wave profiler
  • Surface Electromyography (Surface EMG)
  • Thermal Scan

The COREscore™ takes the results from the three tests and computes your individual COREscore™. Chronic stress and tension can damage anyone’s health, where you fall the COREscore™ graph (below) will represent the extent of the damage. The goal is to get your nervous system functioning consistently better! Dr. Vera is skilled at designing personalized care plans that will move your score closer to 100.

Adjunctive Services

Edmonton Back & Posture ClassesDr. Vera offers adjunctive therapies that are lifestyle modifications. These services will help reduce the stress from the environment on your body. Overwhelming physical stress, chemical stress and mental or emotional stress are the reasons why people experience subluxations. After a bout of chiropractic care to relieve the body of some internal stress, Dr. Vera begins to implement lifestyle modifications to further help the body heal and recover.

The following are the lifestyle modifications Dr. Vera recommends and teaches her patients to reduce stress from your environment:

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