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The Secret of Chiropractic Care

Your Blueprint

Dr. Vera checking alignmentYour body runs according to an inbuilt blueprint. This blueprint is called “Innate Intelligence,” often shortened to “Innate.” Innate controls your body through the Nervous System, a medium of the body’s messenger network.

Your Nervous System controls and co-ordinates all systems, organs, tissues and cells of the body. It is through the Nervous System that we think, say, and do. The Nervous System is involved in everything we experience.

Your body is supposed to be regenerating, replenishing and healing itself every minute of your life – It’s “Innate’s” design feature. It’s built in!

All healing and renewing processes are coordinated by you through the Nervous System’s ability to communicate with your Innate. Your Innate can only organize your body properly through a properly functioning Nervous System.

Physical injury, toxic chemical exposure, nutritional deficiency as well as emotional overload are all processed by your nerve system – these stresses may result in either a disease or a pathology.

The body’s ability to heal itself is limited by:

  • How long you have had the problem
  • Whether the affected area is structurally diseased/damaged (pathology), or if it is just malfunctioning (in a state of dis-ease)
  • Whether the area is continuing to be stressed

If a physical injury in a joint heals while the joint is out of place because of birth injury, a fall or some other trauma and therefore is still under mechanical stress, that joint undergoes a slowly increasing, usually permanent, deterioration. This results in spinal instability allowing spinal bones to move out of alignment progressively more easily. These are seen on x-rays as:

  • Phase 1, 2 or 3 of spinal degeneration
  • Retrolisthesis or Anterolisthesis greater than 2 mm

Dr. Vera scanning patientAll About Subluxation

When the spinal bones are misaligned, get stuck and irritate nerves, a subluxation results. The result of all subluxation is irritation of nerves and an alteration of their function causing Innate to be expressed to a degree that is less than the original blueprint.

Not all subluxations result in symptoms that a person is aware of consciously. Chiropractors are trained to observe the signs of subluxations and how to adjust the joints of the body to reduce them.

Chiropractic adjustments improve spinal function by reducing subluxations. Nerve function is improved and so Innate can organise your body better, thereby allowing your body to repair to its best ability according to the injury load that is present. In this process many patients sense an increase is a sense of wellness in a range of measures.

Adjustments assist Innate to organise healing and regeneration your body.

A body that is subluxation free results in a better functioning Nervous System. This is always better than one with a subluxation affected Nervous System. This is because Innate can now reorganise your body to repair to the best degree possible.

At some point of damage, a stage may be reached when your body cannot repair as efficiently as it could without that damage. At this stage, we say that your body has reached a point of “limits of matter.” Other methods need to be considered or employed to assist with repairs.

Healing the Body with Chiropractic Adjustments

When there are signs that the limits of matter has been reached to some extent (your ability to heal is impaired), nutrition such as the Zone Anti-inflammatory diet, rehabilitative posture exercises and emotional techniques, such as meditation, will be necessary to get you back to better function in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments.

It is far better to have subluxations corrected before you reach Phase 2 or 3 spinal deterioration. This is why I recommend the below:

Chiropractic Adjusting tool

  • Children be checked as soon as possible after birth and accidents. Children can because they rarely have major spinal deterioration, in a short time can reach a state of true wellness – their natural state.
  • Adults have subluxations checked within a day or 3 of an accident – any accident!
  • A physical fall, bump or bruise
  • A chemical assault like a bad meal, smoke filled air or too much alcohol
  • A major mental/emotional upheaval like news of a death, loss of job, or anything that has emotional significance to you.
  • Any of your family or friends who are in chronic pain or organ dysfunction are displaying signs of chronic subluxation patterns. Their spine should be checked to help their Innate work optimally. When you and your friends feel the same sense of wellness it fosters deeper and healthier relationships. Your friends and family will appreciate being told these secrets.

Please help me spread the word about the wonderful “secret” of chiropractic for your health and wellbeing! You, your friends and family deserve the best! You deserve to feel your best and your family deserves the best from you!

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