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The Fine Details of Inflammation

Taking fish oil reduces inflammation.

Taking fish oil reduces inflammation.

Now that we understand the inflammatory process it is important to understand more about the nature of eicosanoids.

Eicosanoids are the key to wellness because they control levels of silent inflammation in your body. You can control silent inflammation and eicosanoids balance by controlling your diet.

Control eicosanoids and you control your future.

Every cell in the body is capable of making eicosanoids. They are centre players in the inflammatory response because they either turn on the inflammatory response or they turn it off. Those that turn it on can be referred to as “bad” eicosanoids and those that turn it off can be referred to as “good” eicosanoids. A state of wellness depends on a balance of production between the two.

There are two ways to modify the balance of eicosanoids in the body.

The first method – is to take anti-inflammatory drugs for the rest of your life. However, the side effect is potential death because nearly as many people die per year from taking the incorrect dosage of anti-inflammatory medication as people with AIDS.

The second method – is to control inflammation with the Zone diet and high dose pharmaceutical grade fish oil.

However, the side effect is you will get smarter, thinner and healthier.

Which method would you prefer to take?

I don’t know about you, but I think I would prefer the non-prescription drug route. Wouldn’t you?

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