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The Science of Torque Release Technique.

By adjusting the primary subluxation, the body releases one patterned postural response one layer at a time.

By adjusting the primary subluxation, the body releases one patterned postural response one layer at a time.

Torque Release Technique (TRT) uses the 16 indicators to determine where and if the body has a primary subluxation. Only one primary subluxation exists at a time and each primary subluxation causes the body to adopt an adaptive patterned response (essentially a bad posture). When the primary subluxation is adjusted and innate intelligence accepts, holds and corrects the dural tension, the secondary and tertiary subluxations will abate. Approximately 8 to 10 secondary and tertiary subluxations abate for every primary subluxation adjusted.

When the primary subluxation is adjusted with a tool called the Integrator, only then will the next layer, or next primary subluxation manifest with the next subluxation pattern the body adopted. Addressing the primaries allows the body to undergo retracing: subluxation patterns held by the body because of prolonged stressed responses are peeled away layer by layer. Retracing is the way the body truly heals. How many patterned response layers the body has is based on how many or how long prolonged the stress response has been endured.

Adjusting primary subluxations as opposed to secondary and tertiary subluxations creates a non-linear and randomized adjusting platform which avoids a healing plateau. Many other techniques, adjustment styles and therapies focus on addressing or adjusting the painful secondary and tertiary subluxations which is linear, non-randomized approach.

On each adjustment, if the same secondary and tertiary subluxations were adjusted repeatedly, the same subluxation pattern develops with greater tenacity. Which is why one may initially feel better receiving a certain therapy but then noticing that the effects of the therapy are not lasting as long or helping as much as they used too.

By adjusting the same thing every visit, the body is not learning anything new. The patient will eventually plateau in their healing journey as the body better practices returning to the subluxated pattern. To continually progress through care, adjustments need to be randomized on a non-linear basis to avoid the healing plateau.

With TRT, patients continue to feel as much change on the 300th visit as during the first week of care! There is no such thing as “maintenance care” because there is continued improvement with each adjustment. As care continues, a patient can explore their health, wellness and human potential.

The goal of TRT tonal adjustments is not to return the patient to the state they were in before but to reveal the best possible version of you.

Find your best version of you through a consultation.

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