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Three Frequently Asked Torque Release Technique (TRT) Questions

Wondering how you should feel after a TRT adjustment?

Wondering how you should feel after a TRT adjustment?

How often have you visited a Chiropractor and asked yourself these questions? (Remember that you are not alone!)

“Why didn’t I feel like much happened?”

Some people have varied physiological sensations with each adjustment. Some people feel something with each adjustment, while others do not feel much at all at the time of the adjustment. All responses are just perfect. What is consistent with people is that eventually, they all begin to feel better.

TRT requires that your body responds in a fairly organized and coordinated way in order for the therapeutic response to be significant. Some will respond to these techniques straight away, while others will take a few lessons before the body catches on. For example, some infants begin walking at 9 months while others walk well after their first birthday. Neither is better than the other it’s just how it goes!

“Why did I feel a bit sore afterwards?”

The reason some people are sore after a TRT adjustment is because different muscles, nerves and other soft-tissue structures have been stimulated. Because they are newly stimulated, your body is adjusting to the improvements made. The soreness is much like going to the gym. Working new muscles can leave you a little sore the next day. The soreness can surprise people because the technique is gentle. Know that it is fleeting.

“Will I need the other types of physical therapy as well?”

Physiotherapy is designed to stretch, relax and stimulate blood flow in the tight and contracted muscles and other soft-tissues. Traditional manual chiropractic adjustments (“cracking” joints) are designed to free up stiff or stuck joints. With these modalities, the therapist is doing the work to you. The intended result of TRT is to reprogram your body to release and dissipate stored tension. It allows your body to let go, relax and realign itself. In this sense, TRT replaces the old methods.

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