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What are Primary Subluxations?

What is the difference between primary, secondary and tertiary subluxations?

What is the difference between primary, secondary and tertiary subluxations?

There are two kinds of primary subluxations. The first primary subluxation is cord pressure, occurring inter-segmentally. The second primary subluxation is cord tension, occurring at the dura matter attachments. Dura matter attaches from the spinal cord to bone at the sphenoid bone, occiput, C2, C5, sacral tubercles S2, S3, S4 and the coccyx. Cord tension subluxations are more severe because tension is placed on the spinal cord through torsion, tension or distortion of the direct dura matter attachments.

The good news about adjusting only primary subluxations is that for every primary subluxation cleared or adjusted, 8-10 secondary and tertiary subluxations that correspond to the primary subluxation are cleared as well! That’s great value! What is interesting about adjusting primary subluxations is that only one primary exists at a time.

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.” DD Palmer

Here’s another interesting fact about primary subluxations; they don’t hurt. Primary subluxations are not identified through the report of pain or palpation like secondary and tertiary subluxations. Secondary and tertiary subluxations are easy to find and feel because they are symptomatic compensations. Meaning, these subluxations hurt. They are those aches and pains that bring people into a health care professionals office seeking help.

What’s so amazing about adjusting only the only the primary, the pain from secondary and tertiary subluxations begins to dissipate – more often than not, adjusting in areas other than the sore spot!

So, if primary subluxations don’t hurt and can’t be felt, how does a Chiropractor find them and adjust them? By using standardized Torque Release Technique protocols, a Chiropractor is able to determine where the primary subluxation exists. There are 16 indicators that tell the Chiropractor if the body has a primary subluxation that needs correcting and where it is.

Once a Chiropractor locates your primary subluxations, it is a simple process to correct them using a Torque Release Technique tool called the Integrator.

Curious if you have a primary subluxation? Discover more here about primary subluxation, Torque Release Technique or to book an appointment.

Stuck stress responses result in primary subluxations. When primary subluxations occur, our natural inborn, innate intelligence cannot correct them.  Why? Because primary subluxations are too overwhelming.


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