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What are Secondary and Tertiary Subluxations?

Managing secondary and tertiary subluxations can create a patterned response and healing plateau.

Managing secondary and tertiary subluxations can create a patterned response and healing plateau.

Postural compensations made by innate intelligence are actually secondary and tertiary spinal subluxations.

These secondary and tertiary compensations hurt because they are the sacrifice of the primary subluxation. A primary subluxation is where there is increased dural tension placed on the spinal cord from where the ligaments attach to the bone.

Adjusting only secondary and tertiary compensation, one can argue that it is like adjusting against the innate intelligence or wisdom of the body.

More specifically, if the body created these secondary and tertiary compensations to alleviate the tension on the cord, would it not be better to leave these subluxations alone? If we continue to address and adjust the secondary and tertiary subluxations then we allow the body to practice a subluxation pattern that the innate created. I’m sure you can agree that a well practiced pattern or habit is hard break.

The more we adjust the same segments, the better the body becomes at practicing that subluxation pattern and returns to that subluxated position much quicker following an adjustment. By adjusting secondary and tertiary and not the primaries, we run the risk of a healing plateau. In other words, you may never really get over that back pain or health condition. Like two steps forward then two steps back.

If innate intelligence made the secondary and tertiary subluxation compensations then innate intelligence will take it away. Innate knows how to fix itself. How do you allow innate to do it’s job? Primary points of dural tension must first be found first. Releasing primary points of tension will (eventually – depending on how much stored tension there is) decrease the pain from compensatory pain.

The question becomes: Do you want to work with innate or against it?

“The normal position of a vertebra – no intellect knows what it is except the innate intelligence. For a chiropractor to push it in but determined by educated mind is attempting crude surgery.” RW Stephenson

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