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What does a Torque Release Technique Adjustment Feel Like?

Torque Release Technique Adjustments make you feel better.

Torque Release Technique Adjustments make you feel better.

Where do you go when your back hurts? Your Chiropractor, of course!

Many years ago I visited a chiropractor when I lived in Red Deer, Alberta. He was the kind that we usually associate our thoughts of chiropractors with…bone cruncher. However, he was very gentle and always had huge line-ups of people coming to visit him every working day.

I was born and raised on a ranch in southern Alberta, Canada.

After I was married, we had our own ranch and I spent most of my time riding & breaking horses, and they broke me!

One day the hired man found me unconscious on a hillside more than once because I was trying to break a 9 year old gelding that had never been worked with much. Everyone told me that this horse could not be trusted, even after I worked with him, but I was stubborn and finally ended up in an unconscious heap on the hillside.

The results of my horsemanship were back challenges.

Friends told me to visit the local chiropractor. He seemed to help me because my back felt much better afterward.

It was a few years later that I ended up in the hospital with back surgery from a herniated disc. After spending 6 months on my back, the doctors finally decided to operate to remove the disc.

My recovery was speedy and all went well. However, included in the physio was a regular visit to a chiropractor. He was a strange chiropractor, I thought because he was extremely gentle and used a small tool that tapped some target areas a few times.

No bone crunching!

It was pleasant, and I found that his technique helped tremendously.

Fast forward to today.

I met Dr. Vera Baziuk (Dr. Vera) and learned a lot about her new technique, Torque Release Technique (TRT). As she described the procedure to me, I realized that I had experienced it a few years back, probably when the technique was first developed.

Ever since my surgery, my back has been tiresome from time to time. After learning about her TRT, I realized that it was probably similar to the one I received when I had my back surgery. The more I learned about it, the more I wanted to try it.

Finally I was able to find a spot that worked for us both last Saturday!

First Dr. Vera had me place my left hand into a comfortable clip that had microbes connected to a computer. As the computer analyzed my body, she asked me some general questions about my past and present health. You know, the usual “Do you have a heart condition?”…Is there diabetes in your family?…Do you have a form of Arthritis?…etc.

It was only a few minutes before my assessment was complete. Dr. Vera explained what all the different colours along my spinal column meant. Wow! It looks like there are some areas that need attention!

So while I was there, Dr. Vera performed a simple treatment with her TRT system.

I felt great during the treatment and afterward as well. I feel great!

You can bet your boots that I will be making this a regular practice.

If you are looking for some answers to your health challenges, they are probably all connected to your central nervous system and Dr. Vera can help you.

I recommend that you book your assessment today!

Christine Till for Dr. Vera Baziuk

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