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What does the Environment have to do with the Nervous System?

The Flow of Health

The Flow of Health

What kind of impact does environment have on the Central Nervous System (CNS)?

The CNS imprints, records, and memorizes everything it encounters in the environment. For simplicity, the environment can be categorized into physical, chemical, mental/emotional and spiritual.

Using the five senses, the CNS gathers information about the environment. It first senses the environment and then appropriately responds to it.

The signals come into the brain; the brain organizes the information and sends all the appropriate signals down the spinal cord and out to all the body and waits for feedback.

I’ll bet you didn’t know this.

But then what happens if there is a glitch in the recordings from the environment? What if the CNS is not receiving the correct information? How can this possibly happen?

All the events and recordings from the environment make up the various, unique layers of complexity of who we become.

From the moment of conception till this very moment and beyond everything we do imprints on the CNS.

These environmental events are really stresses.

Isn’t the body a miraculous thing! Imagine! All those messages being gathered and then sent to their appropriate location in the body.

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