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What is a Healthy Response to Stress?

Can Stress be Healthy?

Can Stress be Healthy?

Why do we need to have stress in our lives? Wouldn’t life be more fulfilling without stress?

Did you know that stress is actually a good thing?

We need stress in order to grow, evolve and change. With no stress we would stagnate and cease to exist. What more would there be to learn . . . as it would appear we have reached our potential?

Why can’t I just stay comfy and cozy and calm in my little cocoon?

Think of a piano or music lesson.

When we go to the teacher, we learn something new. If the lesson did not change, stress or stretch us, we would never ever learn a new song. If we don’t “hurt” a little there is no need for growth and opportunity. This ability to grow, learn and adapt from our surrounding environmental stresses is called neuroplasticity.

The body’s ability to adapt to stress is dependent on the body’s ability to self regulate and self heal.

Health is adaptability. Healthy individuals experience stress, undergo an appropriate stress response, but learn from the experience and ultimately adapt to it. The stress response is not perpetuated. The experience is fully appreciated.

This is a perfect example of the body truly self regulating and self healing.

However, there is good stress and bad stress. We will cover what happens when our bodies become over stressed in another blog post.

Where are you in your “stress” circle?

Find out more.

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