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What to Expect

We welcome you to our casual, friendly office. Dr. Vera is ready to put you at ease with her approachable demeanor. We’ll focus on your health and give you the best chiropractic care possible.

Edmonton Chiropractor welcomes you to Advanced Wellness Chiropractic

Welcome to Advanced Wellness Chiropractic!

The First Day

On your first appointment, we’ll ask that you bring in the necessary paperwork completed. We’ll email these forms to you. Dr. Vera will go over your health history with you before starting an examination, including:

  • A postural check
  • Range of motion testing
  • The Insight™ Subluxation Station scan
  • A thermal scan
  • Surface electromyography (SEMG)
  • Heart rate variability
  • Spinal palpation

Then, Dr. Vera will send you to another facility to have your X-rays taken. In total, this visit takes about an hour.



The Second Day

Edmonton Chiropractor adjustment

On your second visit, you’ll get to experience your first adjustment with us!

On your second visit, please remember to bring your X-ray CD with you. Dr. Vera will give you a full report of findings by going over your X-rays and examination results. You’ll understand:

  • What’s wrong with you
  • How we can help you
  • How long it will take
  • How much it will cost

You’ll receive your first adjustment on this visit. After your adjustment, you might experience a feeling of lightness. Enjoy that feeling! It’s also normal to feel tired after an adjustment. This tiredness is the sign of a great adjustment! Your nervous system is coming out of a stress response and is finally allowed to feel relaxed. Most likely, you’ll sleep very well after your adjustment.


Following Visits

On your subsequent visits, you’ll arrive and be adjusted right away. Each appointment will take 10-15 minutes. Re-examinations will be done every twelfth visit to show how you’re progressing.

You can choose how often to see us. There are great benefits to having chiropractic care even after your pain is relieved. Your function improves, too. Who knows what your potential could be with regular care! That’s where the magic happens.

Payment Information

We ask that payment is rendered at the time of service. We don’t take debit or credit cards. Cash, check or email transfer is accepted. There are discounted payment options available for those wishing to pay in advance for treatments.


We offer a wide variety of workshops designed to help you lead a healthier lifestyle!

Community Talks

Dr. Vera welcomes the opportunity to speak at organizations and corporations in and around our community. Regular talks are also held in our office, on topics such as:

Are you interested in finding out more? Give our office a call today and we’d be happy to discuss any questions you might have.

Dr. Vera Baziuk | (780) 705-3111
We’re honoured to be your choice for an Edmonton Chiropractor!