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What's the Difference Between Feeling Good and True Health?

You can't always judge your health by how you feel.

You can’t always judge your health by how you feel.

We would like to suggest something that is difficult, risky and something that few people are willing to do: challenge their old ideas about health.

It’s perfectly safe and you’ll have some fun and get some helpful tips.  See what this three question quiz is all about.

Let’s explore some ideas that may be new to you. Some will surprise you. Many are exactly the opposite of what you’ve been taught, but each one will help you get the most from your Chiropractic care.

1. Is it better to feel good, or be healthy? Answer: Be Healthy!

True health is about the proper function of your body. For example, taking a drug to cover up the symptoms of a headache or stomach ache can temporarily make you feel better, but you’re not healthy. Being healthy is more important than feeling good.

Bottom line! You can’t judge your health by how you feel.

2.  Is high blood pressure always bad? Answer: No! Blood pressure should fluctuate throughout the day.

When your body is working correctly (health) your body is constantly adapting to the environment. So naturally, your blood pressure would need to rise as you run to catch a bus and then lower as you sit to wait for the next one.

The ability to adapt to your environment is the sign of true health.

3. If you find yourself vomiting after eating improperly prepared food, are you sick or healthy? Answer: You’re healthy.

You probably wouldn’t be feeling very good, but you would be having a healthy response. This is difficult to appreciate if you’ve been taught that health is how you feel.

Now that you know true health is not just how you feel, think about how living a Chiropractic Lifestyle will help you have and maintain great health throughout your life.

For more information on a Chiropractic Lifestyle or to book a complimentary discovery session, contact Dr. Vera Baziuk at Advanced Wellness Chiropractic.

Here’s to a healthy you!

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